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anti bird net


Anti Bird Net is made of polyethylene as the basic material, covering all the orchards, and used them for apples, grapes, peaches, pears, cherries and other fruits. Effect.

First, color selection is generally recommended in the mountains with yellow anti-bird nets, plain with blue and orange red anti-bird nets, the above-colored birds can not close, not only can prevent birds from eating fruit, but also can make the birds do not hit the Internet, Anti bird effect is obvious. It is advisable not to use transparent screens in production. Such nets do not have a repellent effect and birds can easily hit the Internet.

Second, the selection of meshes and nets depends on the size of the local bird. For example, small individual birds such as sparrows can be used to prevent bird nets such as magpies and spotted magpies. Optional 4.5 cm mesh bird net. Bird nets generally have a wire diameter of 0.25 mm.

Third, the bracket height and density selection Fruit tree anti-bird net installation, we must first lay the stent, the stent can be purchased finished stent, can also be used galvanized pipe, triangle iron and other welding system, buried underground part should be welded on the cross, resistance to lodging. Iron rings are welded on the top of each bracket, and the brackets are connected by wire. After the scaffold is laid, it should be firm and durable, and its height should be about 1.5 meters higher than that of the fruit tree to facilitate ventilation. The stent density generally has a length of 5 meters and a width of 5 meters. Stand density depends on plant spacing and size of the orchard to increase or decrease. The denser effect is better, but the more dense the higher the cost. The width can be purchased in accordance with the width of the anti bird net, saving materials.

Fourth, skynet and side net erection fruit tree anti-bird net to three-dimensional erection. The net in the upper part of the canopy is called Skynet. Skynet wears a good wire on the top of the support. Pay attention to the closeness of the junction and leave no gaps. The outer side of the tree canopy is called the side net. The junction between the side nets must be tight and the length must reach the ground without leaving gaps. Skynet and side nets are closely connected to prevent birds from harming into orchards.

Fifth, the installation time to determine the fruit tree anti-bird nets only to prevent birds from harming fruit fruits, generally 7 to 10 days before the fruit matures birds began to feed damage when the fruit tree anti-bird net installation, the fruit can be taken after the full harvest Save it to prevent exposure to aging in the field and affect its service life.

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